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Updates of ISO27001:2022

Revision of ISO27001:2022 (Issued on 2022/10/25) mainly focused on revising Appendix A
Main Adjustments:

  • 14 control areas have been changed into 4 major topics

  • The number of control measures have been reduced from 114 to 93(including 11 new, 24 consolidated,58 updated)

ISO27001:2022 adds 11 new control items, key excerpts, Chinese version free download:
螢幕擷取畫面 2023-02-19 123540.png


  • 併於年度追查(續審)-增派稽核員乙名,於年度追查(續審)執行至少8小時轉版稽核(1人天) 。

  • 重新驗證稽核-派稽核員乙名,於重新驗證稽核時執行至少4小時轉版稽核(0.5人天) 。

  • 單獨執行轉版稽核-指派稽核員乙名,於客戶指定時間執行至少8小時轉版稽核(1人天) 。

ISO27001:2022 驗證申請
ISO27001:2022 Transition Lectures, Auditor Training Courses, Corporate Customized Package Classes, Please Contact:
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