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ISO27001:2013 Leading auditor curriculum design

The course lasts 4.5 days 

Fee: $45,800

Day 1~2: Detailed explanation of ISO27001 provisions and appendices

Day 3~4: Case analysis, practical courses (assist students to face business problems after graduation)

Day 5: 3 hour quiz

Obtain ISO 27001:2013 LA certificate after passing the test

Original in the industry, according to the needs of customers/students, combined withAnalysis of new cyber attack penetration techniquesand anti-blocking practice, information securityOperation continuesmanagement, information securityrisk control, information securityLegal and Complianceand other practical courses.

ASF has hired well-known lecturers in the industry and successfully trained more than 100 audit professionals, the course is solid,No group discussions to steal hours, no homework assignments, no delaying time to cheat money.

Focus on explaining exam questions,teachISO27001Audit essentials, to assist students to pass the examination to obtain a certificate of completion. unique skillsdo not hide, I'm not afraid that you will learn secretly, but I'm afraid that you will not be able to learn.


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