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Benefits of acquiring ISO 27001 certificate?

Why you need to get an ISO 27001 certification?


Under Chapter 4, Article 12 of the “Directions for the Implementation of Electronic Uniform Invoices Operations” regulation, announced by the Ministry of Finance, R.O.C., requires that E-Invoices top-up service centers be accredited by ISO 27001 in 2023.


According to “Personal Data Protection Act”, Article 29:“A non-government agency shall be liable for the damages arising from any injury caused by any unlawful collection, processing or use of personal data, or other infringement on the rights of data subjects due to such non-government agency's violation of the PDPA, unless the non-government agency can prove that such injury is not caused by its willful act or negligence.”


ISO 27001 is suggested and can protect the rights if organizations and enterprises have stored personal data files.

In December 2021, TWSE launched “The Cyber Security Guidelines for TWSE/TPEx-Listed Companies” to promote corporate governance in the area of information and communication security.

In response to increasingly complicated cybersecurity threats and gradually tightening legal and compliant requirements, ISO 27001 provides the most convenient and simplest way for enterprises to establish the information security management system. The system can protect their R&D sensitive data, ensure the maintenance of customer confidentiality and personal data, and meet the requirements of customers, vendors, supply chains, and even the authorities and regulations. It helps enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

Based on the Quality Management System ISO 9001, the Information Security Management System ISO 27001 meets the requirements in two ways: modifying according to customer satisfaction and continuously improving.

For many commercial establishments, government agencies, non-profit organizations and more, it is imperative to choose foolproof security control measures to protect information assets and build confidence with customers.

Implement ISO 27001 certification can bring a lot of benefits to your organization:

  • Enhance the image of enterprise, organization and brand

  • Enhance information storage and transmission security

  • Enhance operation efficiency and effectiveness

  • Reduce the possibility of sensitive data leaking

  • Comply with the laws and the regulatory compliant requirements

  • Improve enterprise governance and enhance security for supply chains, surrounding suppliers, and stakeholders

  • Implement risk management and assessment

  • Properly manage information security risks and vulnerabilities, and eliminate negative impacts

What is information security?

Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information; the features such as authentication, attributable accountability, non-repudiation, and reliability can also be addressed.

What is Information Security Management System ISMS?

Information Security Management System (ISMS): Part of an overall management system, based on an operational risk program to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve information security.

What are Confidentiality (C), Integrity (I) and Availability (A)?

Confidentiality: Information won’t be obtained or disclosed by unauthorized persons, entities or processes.


Availability: The authorized entity can access to use and store when requested.

Integrity: Protect the accuracy and completeness of assets.

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