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​Quality Commitment

  • specialized: The quality of the auditors is neat and tidy, and the audit quality is strictly controlled in terms of service attitude and professional quality.

  • efficiency: Process the process with "special personnel for the project" to create the highest administrative efficiency, and never delay or arbitrarily adjust the audit schedule.

  • result-oriented: The company only issues internationally recognized certificates, and each certificate is registered in the International Certification Forum (IAF) database:

​ or enterIAF database query:


ISO27001:2022:組織應決定資訊安全系統之邊界及適用性,以建立其範圍。(a) 4.1中所提及之內部及外部議題。(b) 4.2中所提及之要求事項。(c) 組織履行之活動與其他組織履行之活動間的介面及相依姓。範圍應以文件化資訊提供。


Return to the essence of service industry

ASF International ASF continuously learns the industry's expectations and requirements for verification companies, and sets strict guidelines for employment and management; from the start/end meeting, the sequence of audit targets, to the certificate management and customer service after audit activities, to provide the most efficient, The service quality that best meets customer needs.

Customized service

Government agencies, listed companies, special non-government agencies, and even financial institutions must make other presentations on the management system in order to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations; for example, in the annual report guidelines for listed companies, the maturity assessment of the information security management system should be included in the annual report To meet the requirements, the team of experts invited by Asfrey International ASF integrates ISO 27001, NIST CSF and other standards, proposes maturity evaluation, and draws charts according to customer needs, all in one step.

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