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  • Do you really need to take the lead auditor course? The traditional lead auditor course is designed for those who want to be ISO auditors, but most students apply for the course for the purpose of not only obtaining the professional certificate of information security, but also to assist the organization when they return to the unit. The role of managing system maintenance.

  • According to the pragmatic needs of students in the field of information security, the company customizes the training content in combination with courses such as "Analysis of Cyber Attack Infiltration Methods and Protection Practices" and "Related Regulations on Information Security".

  • solid course,Do not discuss in groups, delay time and cheat money. Emphasis is placed on case study and teachingISO27001Audit essentials.

  • ​Choose ASF management system services, special classes are taught, and courses are designed according to the nature of the customer's business.

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