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Business Introduction

Benefits of International Management System  Certification

  • Image: Prove that the company has reached the international professional level in information security, quality and other management

  • Legal and Compliance Requirements: We meet the requirements of major international manufacturers such as Apple Supply Chain, Meta, and Google. Compliance requirements include domestic and foreign information security laws, E-Invoices top-up centers, guidelines of information security management for listed companies, and security maintenance plans for specific non-government agencies, etc.

  • International Marketing: ISO is an internationally recognized quality assurance, which facilitates WTO customs clearance and shipments and eliminates trade barriers

Our service

  • Information Security Management System ISO27001: All industries; IEC 62443 for industry information safety

  • Information Security Training Programs: ISO27001:2013 LAC, Cybersecurity Best Practices, Information Security Operation Continuous Management, Information Security Risk Management, Information Security Legal Compliance (Including Information Security Law, Personal Data Protection Act, GDPR, etc.)

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001: All industries 
    ​Food Safety Management System ISO 22000​: Food production and processing industry, etc.

  • Environment Management System ISO 14001: Light and heavy industry, manufacturing, construction, and environmental recycling, etc.

  • Medical Equipment Quality Management System ISO 13485: Medical equipment manufacturing, processing and export industries

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